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 Winter 2018! 
 Southwest High School 
 Class of 1973 
 45th Reunion --
 The success of each reunion, in every aspect,
is never certain until it's over.
The committee wishes to extend a special THANK YOU!!! 
to several special donors whose generosity helped ensure that our 45th reunion went smoothly!!!
Gary Anderson
Vern Bakke
Dave Conkey
Lori Palm Hannem
Brad Stenson
Jim Tierney
The Southwest Rouser
by Kenneth Dixon, Class of 1943
Cheer South-west on to vic-tor-y
Cheer her on to-day.
Spread her fame and her fair name,
with constant loy-al-ty
March on South-west, March on-ward,
Victory's sure this time.
Fight for the pur-ple and white
Fight Southwest Fight!
Let's shout it from the hill-tops
Prove it every way.
Tell the world we're here to see,
A Southwest vic-tor-y!
When from these halls we leave thee,
Loyal we will be.
True to the pur-ple and white
Fight Southwest Fight.
Saturday 8/18/2018
6:00 PM 
    At The Park Tavern 
3401 Louisiana Avenue South
St. Louis Park, MN  55426
This one night was casual, crowded and fun -- at The Park Tavern
And our special guests were Joli Truelson's mother Nora, and brother Thor.
If you didn't receive your invitation -- please
email us at: swreunion73@juno.com 
and include your current contact information
so we can update our confidential list.



Minneapolis Southwest High School
3414 West 47th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55410
Photo taken 4/22/2017


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~ Your Southwest '73 Reunion Committee ~

Jeff Senn, Glynis Chuchel Grostephan, Janet Olson Schultz, Luisa Valdovinos Cannon

Ellyn Wolfenson, Doug Angove, Leslie Granbeck

Photo taken 9/30/2017 

Southwest's Class of 1973 has now had 8 reunions, each one unique and better than the last!
To date, we've gathered at eight reunions in the forty-five years since graduation.
As we get older the reunions seem to get better.  Or are we getting better as we get older?  
For some, high school was the best time ever, and for others, not so much.  Reunions can be a fun and fascinating chance for everyone to put it all into a fresh perspective.  And as our In Memoriam List grows longer each year, the reunions and a fresh perspective seem even more important.
And we hope to make extra special plans
to celebrate our 50th Reunion in 2023!!
 Thanks to everyone for attending the last reunion and showing your support. 
To those who didn't attend in 2018 -- or have yet to attend a reunion -- there's always 
the 50th reunion 2023.
Southwest High School Class of '73
had an amazing and successful
 40th Class Reunion in August 2013 !! 
All 3 days were great fun!
 On Friday 8/9/13 at the Richfield Fred Babcock VFW Post 555
we had over 100 in attendance --
some were the regulars we can always count on, and some were those who hadn't taken part in years -- welcome back all!  It was wonderful to see everyone and get reacquainted. 
On Saturday 8/10/13 at the Sofitel Hotel
nearly 90 arrived before sunset --
including some new faces, in time for cocktails and conversation, followed by a delicious dinner in a lovely setting,
with great company all around.
We were honored by the presence of three of Southwest's finest former teachers -- Mr. Don Cieminski, Mr. Bob Hoisington and Mr. Larry Risser -- it was so great to have them join us as we remembered the school days of 40 years ago.
After dinner -- we were joined by more of our former classmates and the conversation and fun continued until early Sunday morning.
On Sunday 8/11/13 Lunch-time Gathering at Lake Harriet Picnic Shelter  -- 11am - 3pm
(or more like 6:30pm!) --
a moderate sized crowd arrived Sunday morning -- about 30 in all (including 3 cute dogs).  Some of us were a little tired, but we proudly wore our new SW 1973 visors and shared food, drink and lots of conversation!
Southwest Class of 1973 is a great group of people, and Sunday's picnic was a wonderful end to an amazing weekend. 
* Many thanks to those generous donors

who sent extra $$$ to make planning our

40th Reunion a bit easier! *

(See Page 2 for List of Donors)




In Memory of Our Classmates Who Are No Longer With Us:

Information confirmed as of 12/12/2018.  Please notify us of any errors or omissions (email address: swreunion73@juno.com).  Thank you.

1. Kent D. Bemel, 11/4/1954-7/30/1995
(Kent was included by request and is not actually a SWHS graduate.)
2. Stephen J. "Steve" Benson, 3/28/1955-9/3/2016
3. Debra L. Callahan Dunn, 12/18/1954-10/1/1992
4. Gary D. Colombe, 12/30/1954-5/1/1977

5. Patricia G. "Patty" Cox, 3/5/1955-10/4/2017
6.  John L. Dare, 7/27/1954-7/1/1978
7. Susan D. DeGroat, 3/27/1955-4/19/1983
8. Rebecca Demarais Agua, 5/1/1955-6/22/2012
9. Arlan J. Dobbs, 4/21/1955-6/14/2011
10. Steven J. Dodds, 3/13/1955-8/30/2011

11. Steven R. Duggan, 1/17/1954-5/2017
12. Jeanne M. Durand, 4/1/1955-9/8/2011
13. Gary A. Enger, 7/29/1954-6/7/2003
14. Karen J. Gangelhoff Klancke, 8/4/1955-7/15/1991
15. Lance M. Garrison, 8/12/1955-2/23/2016
16. Harlan M. Goulett, Jr., 7/1/1955-4/19/2004
17. Craig R. Gudmundson, 12/4/1955-9/4/2017
18. Jill E. Halsey, 12/24/1954-12/21/1992
19. Bradley Herman, 9/13/1955-1/7/2008
(Bradley was included by request and is not actually a SWHS graduate.)
20. Denise M. Herrmann Apland, 3/19/1955-6/27/2009
21. Melissa Jenson Keyso, 11/24/1955-12/23/2003
(Missy was included by request and is not actually a SWHS graduate.)

22. Catherine A. Jungers, 8/12/1955-11/5/2012
23. James M. Kahner, 9/30/1955-10/26/1989

24. Michel R. "Mike" Kleiman, 4/10/1955-2014(?)

25. Susan C. Kulstad, 8/13/1955-10/6/2014

26. Brien J. Link,  2/15/1955-2/20/2014

27. Donald C. Martz, Jr., 4/11/1955-10/10/2017

28. Dan W. MacDonald, 9/17/1955-1/1/2019

29. Michael McKinstry, 3/27/1954-10/24/2004
30. Mary McNally Porter, 10/16/1955-2/27/2009
31. Timothy R. McNamer, 3/10/1955-12/16/2006
32. Susan O’Malley Blanco, 6/2/1955-2/4/1999
33. Christopher L. Parker, 5/7/1955-7/12/2012
34. Victoria L. Perpich, 11/28/1955-8/6/2006
35. Kathryn J. Pivonka Belair, 4/30/1955-2/1/1992
36. Michael D. Plummer, 8/28/1954-8/5/2002
37. Timothy J. Rooney, 1/21/1955-5/25/2010
38. Kimberly G. Rust (Caitlin "Cait" Rowan), 5/26/1955-10/18/2016
39. Michael N. Schauer, 2/23/1955-10/29/2009
40. Maria A. Schmelz McCabe, 8/27/1955-8/26/2011
41. Pamela R. Schneck, 6/28/1955-4/17/2016
42. Joe Skulley, 1954 or 1955 (?)-1992 (?)
(Joe was included by request and is not actually a SWHS graduate.)
43. David J. Sletten, 4/20/1955-9/18/2000
44. Sheryl A. "Sherry" Sullivan Smith, 1/18/1955-4/19/2015
45. Delores J. “Lori” Swanson, 12/28/1955-10/5/2001
46. Joli Truelson, 12/31/1955-7/1/1972
47. Avery Laura Tucker Eduardo-Gonzalez, 12/7/1954-1/8/2011
48. John W. "Jack" Zahr, 12/18/1954-9/10/2013



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